I honestly have no idea how many times I have to fight the itch to do something new to my hair every so often. I was offered by a PR agent to try out a new service by Azta Urban Salon for an article that I am to write, so I allowed Darryl, my new friend and stylist, to convince me to test out L’Oreal’s new “shadow illusion” technique.

Basically, “shadow illusion” makes use of two colors—a darker one for the roots and a lighter one to traverse through the lengths of your hair. It’s less drastic than ombre in a sense that it is a blend of two colors instead of a defined split minus the harsh effects of bleach. Also, you can only really see the gradiation when your hair is hit by the light. 

For my base coat, they used MLV’s Light Copper Mahogany Brown (4.45), which is a shade of brown that leans more towards the redder hue. For my “lift color”, they used Dark Copper Mahogany Blonde (6.45), a fiery color that was closer to my most recent dye job. You don’t see much difference here in the photo, but it’s a gorgeous dye job up close that looks really natural. 

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